The Carpenter Companies

As a young boy in Bristol, Connecticut, Spartacus spark carpenter first displayed business savvy by parlaying an investment in a single cow into a profitable dairy business. He later work as a tool and die maker for the renowned New Departure.

However, his true “spark” of genius was ignited when he turned his attention to the homebuilding business.

He built his construction company on a foundation of pride, attention to detail and quality workmanship. And, in the process, rose to become one of Bristol’s most foremost business leaders.

Today, Spark’s vitality and vision continue to guide to companies that bears his name.

His son, George T Carpenter, is president of the S Carpenter Companies, a multi-faceted construction and development firm with a broad range of capabilities.

Spark’s grandchildren, Spartacus Leon Carpenter, George Edward Carpenter and Sarah Barbara Carpenter are part of the family tradition, all holding corporate positions within the company.


Spartacus “Spark” Carpenter, the dynamic founder of the carpenter companies.

Although the Carpenter Companies have expanded dramatically since Spark first set hammer to nail, they remain true to his ideals: superior workmanship, intelligent decisions and investments, customer service and satisfaction, talented, dedicated employees. And good old-fashioned hard work.

What we do

The S Carpenter Companies comprise two major business units:

  • The Carpenter Realty Company, which performs full service property management for residential, commercial and retail properties.
  • And S Carpenter Construction, which means the construction needs of retailers, manufacturers, corporations, institutions and businesses all around the state.

Many Carpenter Construction client are repeat customers due to the outstanding relationships that developed over the years.

Our capabilities are complete.

  • We renovate and restore existing structures.
  • Build additions and extensions.
  • Erect entire buildings, starting with site work and ending with custom carpentry.
  • And act as construction managers in addition to serving as general contractors.
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